Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★

Reflections on the cult of image-making: I was not prepared for this! I don't even know where to start. I enjoyed **watching** the movie, but thinking about it where the movie gave me the space to and then after made me like it even more. Reflections on superhero cinema, the valorization of superheroes in post-9/11 America - but this thing is so scattered and so dense writing on it based on the first viewing is no easy task, no less because of the surprise of it! This movie isn't perfect of course, particularly becoming cringeworthy at several attempts at Justice League foreshadowing, (one time it is successful is in a dream with a dream sequence) - and while the narrative is totally unruly it allows for so many wild and completely left-field ideas that one either doesn't or shouldn't care. But even in the midst of this truly insane study of the repercussions of idealization of myth making, there is also a movie about the existence of gods and the need to deal with them, a movie where democracy does not just fail but is completely incapable of dealing with the world we live in - which is necessary because that IS the world we live in, and furthermore then how does one operate above the law when the law itself has failed? - Stories of San Francisco/Silicon Valley types, Billionaires and Immigrant/Aliens where furthermore the latter two are manipulated to fight by the first one (sound familiar?) - aliens being misrecognized as terror when in reality terror is right in front of you (also quite familiar). But also moments of compassion/realization - that a billionaire can relate to an alien/immigrant, and even farther - that the billionaire recognizes himself in the alien. That's a pretty big step!

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