Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666

1994: Goosebumps meets Scream
1978: Goosebumps meets Friday the 13th
1666: Goosebumps meets …The Witch(/Sceam again)?

Not the direction I was necessarily expecting or looking for, but hey, it works!

The third and final film in the Fear Street trilogy manages to tie all three together in a way that not only made this entire thing a satisfying experience, but made me appreciate the first two even more (especially 1994, which I didn’t love at first). I loved going back in time and seeing the lore built out, and more so how it connected everything together! I also felt that this one made me finally click with Deena as a character. I thought she was fine in the first two, but here she finally comes into her own and I really felt invested in her personal journey.

I still think 1978 is probably my favorite. It manages to stand on its own the most and tells the most complete and compelling story, but 1666 is the most emotionally resonant of the three and I’m always a sucker for a satisfying finales, so this isn’t too far behind. All in all I really enjoyed this trilogy, and can definitely see myself rewatching them all come October. I may even have to add it to the annual spooky season rotation!

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