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This review may contain spoilers.

WOW this was amazing, I’ve avoided spoilers since the movie was first teased and I’m so so glad I didn’t because I truly expected none of this. 

I avoid newer horror most of the time due to a hatred for overuse of cgi and just not much expectation for liking new things but this blew my mind. A bit of the cg was weird at times but you wouldn’t notice if you weren’t looking for it, and the effects overall were fantastic and I wasn’t expecting so much gore but it looked great. 

I had no idea what the movie was about other than it was vaguely Giallo inspired and the story was so so cool. Medical horror is a weird spot for me I either love or hate and I think malignant did it right, the procedures were cool and I liked the explanation through the tapes and flashbacks. When beginning in a hospital I was worried it would be another exploitation of mental illness and I really like the turn they took with Gabriel as a character, I think he truly looked like a monster and they didn’t go the “uncanny valley” accidentally ableist route which is such a relief. This movies pacing was easy to keep up with and there were no dull scenes where I got bored or felt it slowed down I think it was a perfect balance.

My one issue which is a personal thing was I just wasn’t prepared for the flashing and glitching which gave me a bit of headache by the end of the movie as a viewer with chronic migraines but otherwise I have no complaints this movie was so good and I recommend you see it for yourself.

I also think  it’s funny they slapped the same brown wig on like 4 different actors and said they were related (or in Madison’s case a younger version of herself).

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