Cinderella ★★★

The number of review bombers plaguing this film because of James Corden's horrendous air humping are the only reason this is getting a half star bump from me.

The thing I'm going to note - autotuning in modern musicals is killing these film adaptations.

Her "Million to One" is where this film really starts coming to life because you can hear some of the rawness in her voice, some of the actual emotion and longing for the character.

You compare to that to a scene previous where she's singing a cover, where they've polished every flaw and wrong note and it's like why do that? It's okay for singers to show actual ability and flawed notes. It makes them human and lets ordinary singers realize they could do what they want.

Props to Idina Menzel in this production, too. She is giving a far more sympathetic performance as the stepmother in this performance.

I'm giving props to Kay Cannon in bringing her Pitch Perfect script skills to a fairy tale.

Maddie Baillio and Charlotte Spencer are phenomenal comedy duo as stepsisters. They're a good counterpart to the dead albatross of this entire production, yes, James fucking Corden. Hollywood listen to the goddamn outrage and stop casting this man in any musical. He is woefully miscast here and would be better if he wasn't in this picture.

Tellulah Greive definitely needs praise for Princess Gwen, too.

Pierce Brosnan and Minnie Driver are fantastic as the King and Queen.

I think the only other miscast is Billy Porter as the Fabulous Godmother. He seems to be in a different movie than everyone else, and not adapting to this one's energy.

Look, if you love Pitch Perfect and Glee, this adaptation with it's pop song soundtrack is going to be more up your idea of fairytale retelling compared to the Disney take of the character.

At about the point "Somebody to Love" is busted out by all the chorus of knight's, I was on board for this film's wavelength and energy.

It's not going to be for everyone, but do not listen to all the half star and one star assholes review bombing this film. It's not that terrible. It's a perfectly serviceable adaptation of a classic fairy tale.

Could stand to be about 15 minutes shorter (why do we need a roughly two hour take for Cinderella?)

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