First Cow

First Cow ★★★★★


funny story with FIRST COW, i was flying to portland 3 days before Canada shut down, with my first activity of vacation being attending portland’s film festival to see first cow (probably with a surprise reichardt appearance). i landed in portland, turned my phone on, and got an email that the screening and whole festival was cancelled. that was the beginning of the pandemic for me. 

so it really meant a lot & seems fitting that i was able to see this at my local art house theatre last night with someone who is my best friend, partner in crime & love  

ANYWAYS first cow is the most gentle but suspenseful film i’ve ever seen. it was everything i wanted and more. it’s one of those movies that instantly becomes part of your biological makeup, the way you see the world. i’ve already caught my mind wandering into the past world where this story, friendship, symbiotic relationship exists 

also best ending oh my god YES YES YES 

FIRST COW !!!!!!!!!!!!

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