Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ★★★★½

some thoughts

1. i know that everything there is to say about this movie has been said but honestly. it deserved every ounce of the praise it got. the writing is incredible and the score just gets my heartbeat racing instantly. not to mention it's so fucking fun. i love this movie! i fucking love this movie so much

2. when was the last time we had a genuinely fun blockbuster that had a romance that didn't feel so fucking stale? i remember i read an article comparing the romances of early 2000's movies like this to present-day romantic subplots in like, jurassic world or something. and it really struck me as how these days the romance is just there to be there. it's just Heterosexual Nonsense just hastily pasted together for the sake of "emotional value" or some shit. like i knew that already but maan things dont have to stay like this! things could be better. things could try to be as intense as the sheer intensity of each scene will and elizabeth are together in this movie. literally, this is the pinnacle of romance. the fateful encounter, the LONGING, the fleeting glances and the interrupted almost-kisses, the short conversations. it's really so beautiful you guys. if we open our hearts to some old fashioned PINING we can have more of this. please give me more of this.

3. i said this before but the writing really is so good. like there is no doubt that johnny depp brought jack sparrow to life but he couldn't have done shit if the dialogue wasn't incredibly good to begin with.

4. "How many times must I ask you to call me Elizabeth?"
"At least once more, Miss Swann."

5. the writing isnt just amazing dialogue-wise the plot is also just so good. in fact almost paddington 2-levels of good writing. except maybe not quite as good and vastly different from paddington 2 but the concept of showing little things onscreen and bringing them back up once the audience has completely forgotten them to make you go "oh, that! so that was actually a thought-out deliberate choice after all! that actually mattered!" reminded me of paddington 2 i havent quite noticed it being done as effectively in any other movie

6. seeing orlando bloom's neck does the same to me as seeing the full moon does to a pack of werewolves/furries. except like, if they were turning into vampires instead of werewolves

7. FUCK this shit honestly i cant fucking take it! i'm finally going to fucking write my own nautical romance full of like swords and shit and you bet your ass there WILL be some pining in there i promise you. if no one's going to indulge my fanfiction-esque fantasies I'LL DO IT MYSELF

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