• The Taking of Deborah Logan

    The Taking of Deborah Logan

    A solid entry in the Found Footage genre that is due in part to the characters relatability factor, thus making it easy for the audience to be empathetic towards their nightmarish plight. Both Jill Larson's (Deborah Logan) and Anne Ramsay's (Sarah Logan) made all of that possible by way of their genuine heart rending performances.

    As blatantly implausible as the story may be I was more than willing to take that journey with them. Of course what we the audience…

  • Clearcut



    I'm a huge fan of films dealing with folklore and even more so of films depicting folk horror and this film goes out of its way to deliver on both fronts. This film deals specifically with Canadian Indian Lore involving the legendary Wisakedjak aka Trickster.

    A mischievous spirit that is a master of chaos and mayhem, there is definitely a method to his madness that oddly enough teaches valuable life lessons. Especially those lessons dealing with mother nature. I'll leave…

  • Our Hospitality

    Our Hospitality


    Oddly enough this film managed to make a lasting impression, which strikes me as odd since Silent films and Slapstick Comedy are outside of my wheelhouse.

    What stood out for me were the scenes involving the crazy looking train and more importantly the insanely placed train tracks . You'll understand why I am so enamored by this particular scene should you decide to give this film a gander.

    Another reason this film is a real standout is due in part…

  • The Shop on Main Street

    The Shop on Main Street


    Little over half hour in and I thought this was going to be a charming "slice of life" slow cinema affair where the local peasants thumb their noses at the Nazi regime by pulling the wool over their eyes. Similar to the high jinks found in 1969's The Secret of Santa Vittoria.

    This truly uniformed assumption made the last act all the more shocking! This is why going in blind makes for a better and more honest first impression. So…

  • Lamb



    Director Valdimar Johannsson's directorial debut is the result of studying under Bela Tarr at his filmmaking school Film Factory, which Bela Tarr had opened shortly after his retirement as an legendary filmmaker and former heavyweight champion of "Slow Cinema". (Another film genre I absolutely adore! I guess that makes Lav Diaz the new reigning heavyweight champion of Slow Cinema).

    Bela Tarr's influence may be visible early on in the film however the lions share of the credit falls squarely on…

  • Killer Crocodile

    Killer Crocodile

    Cheap Italian knockoff of JAWS but this time the monstrous villain is a huge rubber Crocodile providing what I would deem an insufficient amount of gory kills thus unworthy of a proper ranking. I truly thought this was a goner and would end up on Naughty's Shit List. I mean this is about as low rent horror as you can get.

    The last act however changed EVERYTHING! Between the batshit crazy spectacle I'll refer to as the Ahab vs Moby…

  • Saint Maud

    Saint Maud


    Rose Glass's Directorial Debut was absolutely astounding! You would never in your wildest dreams believe she was a newcomer to the Director's Chair!

    That ending! You could have knocked me over with a feather! I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell in a handbasket, what with the creepy Cheshire Cat grin plastered on my face whilst savoring the climatic ending with a mental picture of myself in a cheerleader outfit doing cartwheels and back flips risking a lengthy stay at…

  • Freaky


    I came for Vince Vaughn and I was NOT disappointed! Vaughn's gift for improvisation brought some of the wackiest, most memorable moments in the film. He literally stole the whole damn show! One minute he's evil incarnate on steroids, the next minute he's a vulnerable, tenderhearted, doe-eyed teenage girl and we loved him all the more for it!

    I grew up in a household where wholesome family fare was a given. Everything from Disney to Little House on the Prairie…

  • Birds of Prey

    Birds of Prey


    Lets address the 220 pound raptor in the room.. An Alfred Hitchcock "The Birds" rip off or is it? I'm more inclined to believe it's simply paying homage to the Master of Horror! Case in point it didn't bat an eye when it turned on a dime and went full blown Fulci (eye trauma fetish wonderland) with the extremely graphic beak pluckage of the eyeball followed by an impressive Mount Vesuvius inspired gusher of crimson blood! And no it didn't…

  • Freehold



    AKA Two Pigeons

    I'm no Howie Mandel (Germaphobe) but even I saw the benefits of wearing a hazmat suit while watching this film. A barf bag would have been very much welcomed as well! But when push comes to shove it proved to be entirely unnecessary, but surely would have reduced the mounting anxiety from worrying about whether or not I'd make it to the bathroom in time should the need arise! To be frank with my fellow Gorehounds just…

  • Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

    Be My Cat: A Film for Anne


    It's that special time of year when I do my darnedest to scare myself silly. Thus far I haven't been able to work up some good old fashioned goosebumps muchless a good fright, so I decided to bust out a tried and true gut wrenching chiller called Be My Cat : A Film for Anne!

    My first review was a raw, unadulterated freak out, anything less wouldn't have done the film justice. The 1st time is always the best, most…

  • Moose the Movie

    Moose the Movie

    My favorite holiday is Halloween. And if I had it my way we'd celebrate it 24/7 365 days a year! Instead I have to settle for the whole month of October! So let the celebration commence!

    I'm kicking it off with this unexpected treasure! Moose: The Movie! Better than it has any right to be ;-)

    If you are looking for a comedy horror that definitely has its LOL moments.. baby have I got one for you. Desperate for laughs?…