The Room

The Room ½

I'm not religious any more I gave it up for lent! But this film was so horrid I nearly posted and asked everyone to light candles and pray that I survive this film to live yet another day! But then I thought to myself if there really was a god this film never would have seen the light of day! ;-)

The script was atrocious! The acting was a joke! Directing was non existent! I honestly couldn't find one single element in the film that actually worked! The first obvious mistake was that it was written, directed and starred Tommy Wiseau!

Any who I was befuddled as to the reason why someone would request that I personally view it! So I searched for answers and discovered the film had acquired cult status and that theater goers like to attend it just so they can recite memorized lines, throw spoons, toss footballs and just generally have a rousing good time at the films expense!

Unfortunately for me I was home, alone and worse yet I was sober!

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