The Exorcist

The Exorcist ★★★★★

Avert Your Eyes to Avoid Spoilers NOW!

Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn) really should have won the award for Mother Of The Year!

Because about the time my kid starts spewing pea soup like Mount Vesuvius, speaking in tongues with the gravelly voice of a 20 pack a day smoker, stabbing their who who's with a crucifix and their head starts spinning around like a top I'M SO OUT OF THERE Clocking in at around 100 mph "Kung Fu Hustle" style ;-)

Max von Sydow, Jason Miller and Linda Blair gave the most memorable and chilling performances of their lifetimes! And the musical score became a huge sensation over night!

The Mother of All exorcism films that successfully defiled my soul to the core, and scarred my psyche for life! I saw this at a drive-in theater and made the mistake of chowing down on some deep fried goodies from the drive-in restaurant and was one gag away from tossing my proverbial cookies!

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