Saint Maud ★★★★★

Rose Glass's Directorial Debut was absolutely astounding! You would never in your wildest dreams believe she was a newcomer to the Director's Chair!

That ending! You could have knocked me over with a feather! I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell in a handbasket, what with the creepy Cheshire Cat grin plastered on my face whilst savoring the climatic ending with a mental picture of myself in a cheerleader outfit doing cartwheels and back flips risking a lengthy stay at the hospital in traction no less.. but it was worth it!

Up and until the exquisitely demented grand finale it was more psychological horror than straight up horror. I apologize.. here all this time I've been gushing about the finale when the journey was no slouch either. It's a mesmerizing slow burn, a grand character study of Maud played by an equally impressive Morfydd Clark!

Beware of anyone on a Mission from God unless of course it's The Blues Brothers.. anyone else "hitch up your britches" and run like the wind lol

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