Nightcrawler ★★★★★

It would be easy to write director Dan Gilroy's (directorial debut) neo-noir crime thriller off as just another story about a sociopath when clearly it is about so much more! It is a scathing commentary on a corrupt media where ratings trumps the basic principles of ethics, integrity and morals!

"If it bleeds it leads" mentality reflects man's primal bloodlust! We've essentially replaced gladiators slaughtering Christians in Roman arena's with the network news!

And if you take it one step further what does it say about the public at large that support networks whom foster and perpetuate discrimination using the weapons of mass propaganda namely fear and hate to target ethnic minorities and the poor!

Rock solid script that pulls no punches will pummel you with its brilliance! Jake Gyllenhaal's predatory tour de force performance alone is worth the price of admission!

Naughty Approved!

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