Martyrs ★★★★★


Film #16 of the "Scavenger Hunt" Challenge!
Task #17 : A film that takes you out of your comfort zone!


It is truly horrific and too extreme for mainstream audiences! For hardcore horror connoisseurs it provides enough cringeworthy mayhem to be considered highly entertaining!

However I found it was the last 37 minutes of the film that proved to be the most disturbing! It is during this time it becomes a very personal and harrowing experience for the audience because we have come to form what can best be described as a symbiotic relationship with Anna!

The horrifying ordeals facing Anna by virtue of this relationship ensure the suffering is not hers alone to endure! For we the audience now share the burden!

The grand finale is one of the most uncomfortable of circumstances I've ever had to endure! I can't say watching this film was a pleasure but I can say it was a pleasure to experience a film that was capable of inciting devastating emotions within me! It truly disarmed me and took me completely out of my comfort zone!

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