Halloween ★★★★★

The annual pilgrimage to John Carpenter's cult horror classic Halloween every October has become a tradition reminiscent of the scary ghost stories that are regaled with great revelry year after year around the campfire. It doesn't matter that the story has been told and retold so many times before, for it always seems to elicit the same gutteral reactions of sheer terror!

The film is quite simple however the execution is anything but! Carpenter wields his craft with great precision. Starting with the sinister score which hits all the right notes, signaling there is something awry perhaps it's time to avert your eye's! Donald Pleasance (Dr. Loomis) in the role of Chicken Little running around and warning everyone that the sky is falling! The sky is falling! to no avail was pure genius! Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie the proverbial girl next door, scream queen in the making kills it!

Haddonfield the face of Small Town USA, with the hulking figure of Michael Meyer the epitome of pure evil.. the very evil that every small town proudly claims to be free of! As the film unfolds we discover evil lurks behind every bush, outside every window, in the shadows it looms mercilessly stalking its prey!

Impending doom is a given, it permeates the air there is no escaping it! This is the legacy of Michael Meyers!

The undesputed Mother of All Slasher films!

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