Freaky ★★★½

I came for Vince Vaughn and I was NOT disappointed! Vaughn's gift for improvisation brought some of the wackiest, most memorable moments in the film. He literally stole the whole damn show! One minute he's evil incarnate on steroids, the next minute he's a vulnerable, tenderhearted, doe-eyed teenage girl and we loved him all the more for it!

I grew up in a household where wholesome family fare was a given. Everything from Disney to Little House on the Prairie was on the menu. It was pure torture!!! I longed for parents like Morticia and Gomez (Adams Family) but instead I got Ma and Pa kettle ;-)

Big shout out to Vince Vaughn tonight for eliminating that awful taste left in my mouth as a result of watching Freaky Friday during the era of the "teenager inquisition" where the weapon of choice was complete and utter control of the TV remote by the adult units in the household ;-)

See it for Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton's performances! Mad Props for the great gore effects! Otherwise it's a pretty low-rent slasher that's a cut above Freaky Friday every day of the week, twice on Sundays!

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