Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

A dystopian future where the humans have lost their humanity and the hi tech androids are more human than humans!

Humans have shit in their own backyards once too often and the consequences are looming on the horizon if you can see past the ever present smog and rain! An oppressive environment where the long arm of the law just got longer, corporations have become gods their flock consists of brainwashed consumers kneeling at their alters with cash in hand! Everything man has destroyed including wildlife is replaced with the synthetic equivalent! The line between what is real and synthetic has been blurred!

A Norman Rockwell painting this is NOT!

It has a film noir feel to it but it is dripping with sci-fi nuances throughout! The film is timeless and the questions it provokes are still being debated today!

Naughty Approved!

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