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  • The Giant

    The Giant


    A visceral movie that I am happy I saw in a packed theatre. It is the type of movie I can see being polarizing. The Terrence Malick comparison is fully there. It is a microlens at life. Looking at every little piece. The story is disorienting as you follow a scared cripplingly lonely teenage girl trying to make sense of all the world around her. The cinematography tells its own story and upends any emotions you were currently feeling. It…

  • FAT: A Documentary

    FAT: A Documentary


    This is the ping pong of health documentaries. You watch one that tells you sugar & carbs are the enemy and the next one that animal products are. I would love for an agenda-free one to be created but I won't hold my breathe. Ultimately this has an interesting look into the politics of food and how that can get skewed against the general public's personal interest. However, it still ends up feeling too much like a pro-Keto propaganda ad rather…