Logan ★★★★

A x-men film that's grounded and realistic I hear you say? Sounds awesome! But was it?
I think it was, more so I found it to be a refreshing take on the superhero genre. From the opening scene they make it very clear what kind of film this is going to be and make excellent use of their R rating. The action, when it happened, was brutal and fitted the character of Logan perfectly. Just seeing him destroying goons with his claws pure awesomeness.
But mostly this film is a swan song for the character played by Hugh Jackman. It was a fitting end for his long run. The acting was superb, featuring a different take Professor X and introducing the young talent of Dafne Keen as x-24.
I have to admit is has a couple of pacing problems, mostly in the middle where it starts to drag a bit. This film sure was a gamble for the studio, since it’s not really catered to a typical superhero film audience which could have resulted into people being bored.
Logan was different, a much needed breath of air that we also saw in Nolan’s dark knight or even in the marvel Netflix series. Job well done guys.

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