Superstition ★★★½

Weird semi-obscure Canadian horror movie, you might remember the VHS cover from the video stores days? (I do) This is a spooky house haunted by the spirit of an evil witch kind of movie, but shit gets wild with microwaved heads, possessed windows cutting a guy in half, loose bouncing saw blades (bad day for that priest!), elevator shaft hanging, gnarled pond foot, flashbacks with a clergyman getting crushed in a wine press, old lady tossing, exploding doors, exploding glass in faces, spikes driven in skulls, and a little girl stabbed with a cross. Don't worry, she's evil.

Also, has plenty of slasher atmosphere, a cool throbbing score, has one of the kids from Bloody Birthday, and has an abrupt shock ending that just adds to the bonkers nature of this wacko movie. Extra half star just because I never knew what was going to happen next.

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