Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★½

“You said the age of heroes would never come again.”
“It will. It has to.”

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I got to see this 5 days early, and it’s been bizarre having to hide my opinions until now. Have to say though, it was awesome seeing such a mega event and film before the rest of the world.

Thankfully this is much better than the original version. Certain characters get a ton of deserved screen time and backstories, and it feels like a complete script. The story itself is solid, and the 4 hour runtime is pretty well paced. I have some big issues with the special effects, and some small story issues. But that’s not enough to take away from the monumental achievement this film is. I really hope Snyder can continue his vision of this universe.

Rating: B+

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