Scream ★★★★½

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I don’t watch a lot of horror movies in general, and I specifically don’t watch a lot of Halloween movies. But Scream is a film that several of my friends talk highly about, so I finally decided to check it out.

What I loved most about Scream is the mystery of who the killer was. I’ve never seen a film that throws you off so many times, and does it all perfectly. They leave tiny clues for you to think that someone is the killer, and then they throw you for a loop once again. The fact that you think it could be five or six different people near the reveal is crazy. No other movie, of any genre, that I’ve ever seen has handled mystery and intrigue so well.

And of course for the mystery to work the audience has to buy into the reveal. I absolutely do. Not spoiling, just incase like me you still haven’t seen this, but I think the reveal is stellar. The motivations work and how it’s handled is excellent. Add in a purely fun and thrilling experience to the mystery, and this is easily one of my biggest surprises in a long time. It’s well directed, perfectly paced, stays away from the corniness of typical horror films, and incredible all the way around. I loved it.

Rating: A

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