Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★

“The family is truly desperate. And when people get desperate, the knives come out”

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There are no plot or story spoilers in this review, I promise. Read away. 

So I was sitting in the theatre at midnight on July 1st waiting for Spiderman Far From Home with tons of anticipation. But then the trailer for Knives Out played before the movie, and that stole all of my attention. I was blown away by how amazing this cast was, so many recognizable people. Obviously Daniel Craig and Chris Evans being the headliners, but several other recognizable actors were in this and that was fantastic. But what caught my attention was the murder mystery. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for murder mystery stories. So to say I’ve been excited for this for 5 months is 100% accurate.

We all do it, as movie lovers we all get extremely excited for a certain movie. We are just so amped that we want it to be great. Sometimes that makes us set a high bar for the movie, because we want it to live up to our expectations and hype. We all do it. That was this one for me. With a fantastic cast and a genre I love, I set the bar pretty high for Knives Out. Add in that Rian Johnson directs, as I loved what he did with The Last Jedi. I just simply set the bar too high and that’s why I gave it the rating I did. I was expecting it to be one of the best movies of the year and to me, it isn’t quite there.

First off, this movie is pretty funny. There is one repetitive joke that runs throughout the whole movie. You have to be paying attention to the dialogue or it’ll go right over your head. It’s hilarious because everyone’s in on the running gag. But it’s other things too, a lot of stuff that happens is pretty funny. Daniel Craig is probably the funniest character, which is odd considering he is the lead detective. The cinematography and costume design is beautiful and really sets each scene. Perfect job there. 

There are a couple things they show you early on, like first 30 minutes in, one specifically that is extremely vital to the plot. I just really don’t like the decision of showing this so early. I really don’t like it. What they did specifically is fine by me, but why they decide to show it so early is just frustrating. That is so vital that it sets up more decisions down the line, and it’s just a big domino effect. This decision to show this one specific thing early creates a domino effect that I can’t really recover from. I would’ve really preferred they go in a different direction timing wise. There’s also a give and take between giving the audience clues and not. There are clearly some clues established that lets the audience ponder and put pieces together. On the flip side, there are some clues that they reveal at the end that there’s no chance we as the audience could’ve known. There’s a weird give and take there. Puts the audience at a disadvantage.

Overall, I think I set the bar too high. Knives Out is hilarious, attention getting, and more than anything, just a fun movie. This is one of the more fun movies to come out this year. However, a couple decisions that are made create a domino effect and I just can’t get behind that particular part. Knives Out is pretty good, but not great. I just wish it was written a bit differently, but overall a fun time at the theatre and a movie I probably expected too much from.

Rating: B-

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