From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★

“[irritated by Seth's incessant ringing of the front desk bell] What the hell do you want?”
“What do you think I want, you mean old bastard? I want a fucking room.”
“[quietly shocked] Oh, alright”

Let me just say, if you plan on ever watching this movie, stop reading right now. Just stop. I know that this movie came out 23 years ago, so a spoiler warning really shouldn’t be necessary, but this one takes exception. If you ever wanna watch this, stop reading right now.

Still here? Okay. George Clooney is fantastic in this movie. This is his best performance I’ve seen to date, it was so badass and brilliant. Usually he plays goodie two shoes, but here he plays a badass killer who is just ruthless. I love everything about Clooney in this movie. This is also the first true time I’ve seen Quentin Tarantino as an actor. He has had minor roles in his films like Django and such, but he didn’t direct this. This was a real role. He played this pervert and creep so well and it was uncomfortable, which meant he did a great job as well. Both put up very very strong performances in this one.

So the big thing about this movie is the massive twist. Did I say massive? That’s the understatement of the century. This movie is going down one road but then it doesn’t just switch roads. No no no. It drives down a different road on another planet, in another solar system. If you gave me 500 guesses on what this movie would end up covering, I would have never guessed what it ends up being. It’s funny because before the huge turn, I thought this was a brilliant movie. It was probably an A before they hit they hit the bar in Mexico.

Then the big turn happens. I don’t think I’ve ever been more confused in my entire life. I thought I was imagining something. I thought there was an error in the movie. I had no idea what to think. It was so random that I can’t believe that actually did it. Yeah the vampire killing was fun, it was so much fun to watch Clooney and everyone else just stab and beat the shit out of these human vampire things, but fun was all it was. It really was dragged out and forced after awhile. By the time the movie ended, I’m glad it did.

It just sucks that such a great movie had to have this insane turn. This movie was genuinely shaping up to be great but the turn was just not for me. I wish they hadn’t done it. Still, a wildly creative and fun movie. Clooney is outstanding and the twist is the best there is if you don’t know it’s coming. All in all, the twist hurts it in my mind from being a stellar movie.

Rating: B

Recommend?: Just barley, since it is a fun time and a great movie through the first hour.

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