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Blade Runner ★★

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Alright here we go. I understand and appreciate that this film laid the groundwork for so many future sci-fi films. But it’s a film that I think has aged extremely poorly and is just not that good, or good at all to be honest.

The story is a pretty cool concept, but it’s so poorly executed. Part of it is the lack of explanations for what exactly is going on. A lot of the specifics of this story are completely glossed over and we never get explanations. Another thing that negatively stood out was how poor the fake fighting and stunts were. I get it’s 1982 and that technology wasn’t relevant in film, but that’s no excuse. Even Deckard simply slapping someone looks so ridiculously fake. That’s pretty representative of the special effects of the entire film, which were absolute dog shit.

But by far my biggest gripe about this film is it’s just boring. The pacing flat out sucks, there are scenes that are so dialogue heavy with words that just don’t matter. Scenes that don’t matter. Forced romances. Forced raunch just to be raunch. This film somehow takes a great plot and makes it borderline unwatchable because it’s just so damn boring. The struggle was real trying to get through this.

I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but I don’t see how this is a good film in 2020. In 1982, yeah sure, it was groundbreaking. But with everything that has changed in film and has came out since, there’s no way this holds up. Really looking forward to Blade Runner 2049, but this was an absolute drag.

Rating: C

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