Hereditary ★★★★½

Utterly brilliant how Hereditary is rooted in deep, painful family drama (Ari Aster’s admiration for the likes of Bergman and Leigh shows) that could easily work on its own, with a phenomenally creepy demonic story that snakes around and finally envelopes it. Unlike the nastily sour, plodding Midsommar, here Aster actually confronts disturbing truths instead of using tragedy as a depressive gloss. Toni Collette makes it all next level terrifying. She absolutely should've been an awards-season front runner for her performance. That audience alienating ending remains gloriously, deliciously sinister. Returning to the movie nearly three years after seeing it in theaters, remain awed by how depraved and almost liberatingly evil the conclusion is. If you’re a horror fan, genuinely don’t understand not liking this movie. Near-masterpiece status.

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