Ma ★★

It's like the director secured Octavia Spencer for a project and then tasked himself with creating the worst possible movie he could to put her in. Then, somewhere in pre-production he manages to get Allison Janney on board and he's like I have the perfect role for her! She won't play someone's mom or have anything to do at all really, instead she'll just play a background character who does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I'm not kidding, I don't think I've ever seen an Oscar winner do less in a movie than Janey gets in this. Remember the Bill Murray cameo in Zombieland? Well his character had a bigger impact on that movie than Janey did on this one and she played an actual role!

This is one of those triumphs of bad film making that makes you wonder if there is some secret club of film makers that are competing to see who can make the worst movie with the highest budget and best cast. And they try really hard to make sure the movies don't fall into so bad it's good territory. 

If that club exists, surely Tate Taylor is their leader. Or whoever made Flatliners.

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