Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending ½

"I love dogs."

25 things wrong with Jupiter Ascending
1. It's awful script
2. This pile of shit cost $175 million to make.
3. It's way too long
4. Mila Kunis stale acting
5. Eddie Redymane's overacting
6. It makes zero sense
7. It's incredibly stupid
8. The fact that some people actually think that this is a great movie
9. There's a freaking elephant man in this movie
10. The Wachowski's prove they're a one-hit wonder
11. Two-dimensional flat characters
12. Sean Bean doesn't even die in this movie
13. It makes Taken 3 and Blackhat look like masterpieces.
14. Awful one-liners
15. CGI at times looks pretty fake
16. There's literally a robot named Bob and it's not even an acronym
17. The Bees man, the bees
18. Hover-roller skates, really?
19. The fact that this movie got green-lit.
20, The Wachowski's managed to drag really-talented actors into this pile of shit.
21. It's tonally inconsistent
22. It's lame-as-hell ending
23. The fact that people at Warner Brothers looked at this movie and said "Yeah, this'll totally work."
24. It's action is tiresome.
25. The fact that I just wasted two hours of my life.

2 things right about Jupiter Ascending
1. Visually it looks good at times.
2. Sean Bean is solid.

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