The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★½

Heavily layered fantasy that showcases Lowery’s visual storytelling ability to a stunning degree. Rich with foreshadowing and allegory this is a tale that requires the protagonist to look deep within to excavate the courage that’s inside us all. Honor is a form of currency to further your own empire or kingdom. This walks a thin tightrope between extremely meditative and outright extravagant, finding its more confident stride in the second half. This will sweep you off your feet one moment and set you down abruptly the next. The translation from the written context to filmic version may have taken some superficial liberties yet it’s presented in a way that holds hefty undeniable intrigue. Overall this was tonally aloof at times but I’m fairly confident a rewatch will be very rewarding. Lowery also brilliantly subverts expectations as the film progresses and at times wields his own cinematic sword with the weight of Excalibur.

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