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  • Bullet Ballet
  • Angst
  • Run Lola Run
  • The Cloud in Her Room

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  • Uncharted

  • Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

  • Prey


  • RRR


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  • RRR



    A glorious three hours of ridiculously entertaining maximalism rooted in heartfelt drama. Larger than life in just about every way, serving up eye popping sequence after another. There’s a genuine warmth about this as well as absurdity to boot. This is honestly such a breath of fresh air from Hollywood’s mundanity.

  • Nope



    The idea of a bad miracle is alarming and riveting.
    Themes of tragedy and exploitation wrapped up in a Speilberg-esque blockbuster/thriller laced with Peele’s peculiarity ability to relay an overwhelming sense of dread and unease. Conceptually very intriguing when dealing with classic sci-if tropes while also maintaining a potentially perplexing level of ambiguity. Where Peele lacks in the writing department at times, he usually manages to win over with his bold vision and gumption.

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  • Possession



    A total masterpiece of horror on every single psychological and physical spectrum. In Possession death, beauty, allegory, and the greatly flawed human experience are terrifying, kindred spirits.

  • Titane



    I’ve been eagerly awaiting a sophomore effort ever since Ducournau’s ferocious debut Raw and it’s finally here. This is an odyssey of metal fusing with flesh, of being re-birthed in literal and figurative fire. Gender fluidity, identity and acceptance are approached in such an alarming yet disarming way that it’s nearly impossible to not be affected in some sort of seismic way.

    As grotesque as this at times it’s also wholesome and comically lighthearted to an unmerited degree. Avoiding tonal whiplash…