A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors ★★★★½

The IMDb trivia section for this movie is an absolutely glourious read

Some favorite gems of mine:

-Robert Englund wrote a treatment for this movie. It wasn't used. :(

-Jennifer Rubin was told by some of her fans that her character of Taryn had caused them to quit drugs, and the actress is very proud of the fact.

-Once after a tiring day on set, Robert Englund fell asleep in his dressing room still in full Freddy make-up. When he awoke and looked in the mirror he got a terrible scare.

-Robert Englund admits that he knew Patricia Arquette would go on to be a big star one day. He also explains how all of the guys on the set were heels over head in love with her. Between takes, some of them would even go to Robert Englund to get his advice on whether or not he thought they had a chance with her, and should ask her out.

-Ken Sagoes stated in an interview he really didn't want to audition for the role of Kincaid, but his agent talked him into going. On the day of the audition, he walked in heavy rain to catch a bus to the location. He showed up completely drenched and had to sit and wait for a few hours, due to the auditions running late. When it was his turn, Director Chuck Russell told him, "Do whatever you want to do". Sagoes was so frustrated and mad about the whole ordeal that he yelled "FUCK YOU!", and then proceeded to scream and curse out Russell. Russell immediately hired him.

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