The Seventh Continent

The Seventh Continent ★★★★★

thank you michael haneke for this fucking masterpiece.

postmodern capitalism is full of confines and coercion. you must do, but you must only do this- you must actively consume, you must manipulate and maneuver, you must obey ideology. it is excruciatingly repetitive, artificial, it is mundane, it is rigged as a subtle yet truly violent control network, with its various feedback machines and algorithms, and paramount to all, it is alienating and estranging. this film is a brilliant exploration of what escape from the postmodern conditions really entails.

while getting progressively harder to watch, and more disjunct and aggressive (that is all I’ll say about it- this is not a movie one wants to have spoiled) the underbelly of the family’s awkward, cyclical existence becomes more and more exposed. 

i keep wanting to say more but then like- not omg

this also has one of the greatest endings I’ve ever seen.

some amazing performances as well, some really unique and acutely driven cinematography (including a shitload of visual symbolism)- GOD THIS WAS SO GOOD WATCH IT


australia here I come!!!!

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