The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★★

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Score: 9.5/10

Finally got the chance to see one of the highest rated films in Letterboxd and also one of the most hyped films of all time.

The Godfather is a film about power, revenge, and corruption. It is as good as people says and it 100% deserves all the hype. Francis Ford Coppola did an amazing job directing this film.
For a 175 mins film, this film has a consistent pacing. It's slow paced, but every moments are interesting and there are barely any dull moments in the film. The performances are all phenomenal. From Marlon Brando to Al Pacino to James Caan, they portrayed all of their characters very well and no wonder why people call them the GOATs in acting, they deserve the title. The writing is really nice. The character arc of Michael Corleone gotta be one of the best character arcs in cinema. Not as good as Daniel Plainview in TWBB, but it's still incredible. Vito Corleone is such an iconic character. Nicely written and Marlon Brando performance is nothing I have ever seen before. The baptism scene in the climax gotta be the best scene in this film. The buildup is perfect. The editing and directing are amazing and it's such a gripping scene!

In the technical aspect, this film doesn't miss at all. Love the lighting in this film and the cinematography is luxurious. The shots are nicely done.

However, I don't think this film is the best film of all time in my book.. it's not even in my top 20. I appreciate everything about it, but yeah that's it. I prefer OUATIA and Pulp Fiction way better as a gangster films. This is just a bit too slow for my taste. It's not boring at all in fact I enjoyed every moments in it. It's just my taste and I enjoy other films better.

The Godfather is a really great entry for the trilogy. I genuinely excited for part 2. I will watch it next and I heard it's more gripping and better. So I might like it more? Well idk lmao. I will find out next!

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