Distant ★★★★

I don't normally believe in needing to be in the right mood to watch a film but sometimes certain films demand it or are shaped by the mood that you bring to it.

I don't mean that I necessarily relate to this story of distant Turkish relatives who are incompatible and unhappy in almost every way, but there is something about this film that truly struck me. Perhaps I was feeling similarly frustrated when I sat down to watch this film that I could empathise with the characters' personal, sexual and economic frustrations.

This is the most human of all of Ceylan's films that I've seen. His impeccable eye is still present here but there is an undercurrent of humour that is absent from his other films. This is a highly observant film and Ceylan is able to convey major plot points or character traits through the subtlest of actions. If you like slow, quiet mood pieces, then this study of doubt-riddled masculinity may be for you.