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Where do I begin with this one? So I heard about the film doing the rounds in the festivals back mid-late July of 2017, there was a lot of buzz but I never had gotten around to watching it until now, now that it's 2018 it's quite unfortunate that I can't put this on my 17 list because it is absolutely lovely.

The story is simple, it's a story of a couple but focuses on the man played by Casey Affleck. Rooney, his partner, is deadset on moving into the city away from the quite isolated suburban empty house and Casey isn't interested as there's 'history' or something special for him there. Picking up after his death he basically becomes a ghost draped in his hospital death gown and effectively starts 'haunting' the house that he was quite adamant about not leaving. Film focuses on the ghost and its search for its purpose, ultimately a story of legacy and love.

Shot in letterbox 4:3, Lowery said his aim was to capture a sense of claustrophobia, 'trapped in a box for eternity'. I'm sure he had a fair bit more to say on this as for me, it helped immensely with creating a close, narrowly focused intimacy. The romantic moments between Casey and Rooney's characters are greatly amplified with the boxy framing.

This film starts off quite somber, quietly sentimental but as it progresses it starts sprinkling in moments of humour, anguish and we start understanding that the ghost is basically a vessel for us. The  ghost itself is simple, a literal representation of a pacman-esque ghost. As silly as the get up is, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb, the entire custome becomes more believable and still cohesively sticking with its sorrowful, airy tone. The empty, distant spacy soundtrack really helped set the atmosphere and Daniel Harts 'I am overwhelmed' was a great song choice. This movie allows us to interpret life after death in its own unique mildly 'thought-provoking' way. 

So you can probably tell I loved this movie. It definetly helped that I like both of the supporting cast, the lead being the endearing lost ghost who is in search for life's answers which is all of us at some point of our lives, isn't it? Once the narratives sentimental looping nature closes back in on itself, the story feels complete and ties up beautifully with serenity. Loved it.