Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★


I was planning on writing this review in French for, like, a fun gag or whatever, mais je pense que ce film mérite un meilleur traitement. Mon français est... pas bien.

Anyways, this movie is stunning, and easily my new favorite of the year. The screenplay is engaging, the acting is phenomenal, and, funny enough, all of the colors look straight out of a painting.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire asks us to interrogate what we know about art. What is the relationship between the art and the artist? The gazer and the gazed upon? What can we achieve with art besides beauty? What happens when we look into a painting and see our own reflection? And, the age old question, why did Orpheus turn around?

Please, please, please see this film when it hits theaters. You won't be disappointed. I left the theater a wreck, yearning for some unknown seaside. Hopefully you will to.

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