The Killing of a Sacred Deer

The Killing of a Sacred Deer ★★★★½

i forgot to mention that this movie literally made me scream when i saw this in theatres during the biting scene and i kinda came close to do it again 

it's not so easy to like yorgos, the only time i instantly loved was when i first discovered him with dogtooth thinking i found the most hilariously unsettling movie ever (spoiler alert: the greek devil only got stronger) but i've had a very hard time making my mind up on the lobster and sacred deer on wether or not i actually liked them but i seem to really enjoy revisiting them later being prepared for the insanity on screen

ain't it fucked up how yorgos lanthimos can just use real footage of an open heart surgery and make it look like a yorgos lanthimos movie? why was there one (1) handheld shot? were martin and steven fucking offscreen so martin could pull off a reverse lolita? does yorgos have a hairy men fetish he wants to talk to us about?

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