Logan ★★★★½

Laura might just be one of my favourite characters ever. 

Not only is this by far the best Wolverine film I also think it is up there in my top 3 X-men films. It really is just wow! It has a really interesting and engrossing storyline, something I feel many films in the X-men franchise lack, as well as great performances. Whilst I may be biased as Hugh Jackman is one of my favourite people of all time, he is fantastic in Logan, it is absolutely his best portrayal of Wolverine. 

The one thing that I wasn't too keen on was the violence. This sounds quite strange but I really enjoy when films are graphic and violent because I think it just makes them better. But I was worried that they would overuse this factor when the 15 certificate was confirmed. In parts they did overuse the violence purely for shock factor which by the end felt repetitive. However, in most of the scenes the violence assisted the already heavy emotional impact and so it didn't drag my rating down very far.

I have to praise James Mangold for doing some things in this film that I feel the franchise has been too scared to do in the past. This is a really wonderful movie that goes beyond the set borders of superhero movies and steps into real, heavy, raw film-making which I really appreciate.

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