Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½


Yes, the dialogue was quite terrible at parts. Yes, Hiddleston was horrendously miscast and really didn't do anything for me for the most part of the film. And yes, to my great sadness, Brie Larson was not utilised to her full, mind blowing potential. Nonetheless, this was a really fun watch. 

This film is visually incredible. The colour palette and the cinematography were outstanding along with some really awesome camera angles and fantastic direction. The CGI and the landscapes made everything seem so real. I'm finding it quite hard to believe that gorillas as big as building don't actually exist! The performances were good, with Jackson and Reilly standing out as truly magnificent. Whilst being fairly predictable it also created a ton of suspense and followed a really great storyline. I never felt that there was a dull moment and had a really great time watching it! 

(I almost gave it 4 stars!!)

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