Panda! Go Panda!

Panda! Go Panda! ★★★

*no spoilers*
In an age where most animated children's films put most of their effort in adding jokes for an adult audience, it is nice to see a film that is completely aimed at kids. Similarly to 'My Neighbour Totoro,' (though nowhere near as good) what a child sees here is as much as an adult sees here, simple, pure, unfiltered joy. There is no difficult or complex plot to follow, no complex character motivations, just a simple plot, some jokes and a whole lot of heart.

'Panda! Go Panda!' Is pretty far from 'Totoro' in terms of quality, indeed I hesitate calling it a good film, I am still more than willing to consider this one of the most fun films that I have seen in a while. From the contagious theme song, to the extremely simplified worldview, everything in 'Panda' screams enjoyment. This is clearly not 'Citizen Kane,' nor does it try, this is simply a film that is made to allow a young child to enjoy themselves, and to make anybody older to feel younger again and enjoy it all the same.

And yes, I am going to leave here. There is no point of criticism (of which there is much, as I said above, I hesitate calling this a good film). This is simply a film to put a smile on your face, and boy does it succeed in that. There is no real peril here, just a good time.

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