Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★½

The 1969 assasination of Fred Hampton, an American activist, deputy chairman of the national black panther party and a soon to be father is brought to the art of film by Shaka King. With obviously revolving around the revolutionary himself, the film's driven by its focus on the FBI informant who's betrayal led to Fred's demise.

It is always exciting to watch movies centered around a gray character, even more so when that character is outright and without a doubt the villain of the story(or at least one of them)
But nevertheless, when the portrayal of said character is done with such brilliance and subtle nuance as Lakieth Stanfield's O'Neal, by the end of the film you find yourself questioning and constantly going over all the events in the story and how the journey got to where it did. Whether or not the scenes depicted are really faithful to what happened and if so, then why isn't this story talked about more, and why is this the first time you're hearing of it.

If a film based on real events manages to instill those emotions into a viewer, it is from all aspects, a true acheivement.

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