Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

this movie is the epitome of everything that cinema currently is in all its greatest forms — this is going to stand the test of time as a major landmark for this era and will be one of the many films that start to push us to the next wave of young, internet-raised filmmakers to bring innovations and a whole new paradigm shift to the current state of movies. 
it's both a high sci-fi action flick, as well as a sentimental indie family drama where the crux of the story is simply about people talking their way through their problems.

daniels learned their filmmaking skills through youtube, they started with viral music videos and silly internet sketches, they made this mind bending visual masterpiece with a team of 7 vfx artists, a tight-knit crew, and an incredibly talented cast who all deserve their time in the spotlight. some, like michelle are longtime, hugely influential actors with a remarkable presence who have only really been given the opportunity to be a supporting actor through her career. others like ke, never got the chance to show their full potential up until this very moment. 
to see people want more from my favourite directing duo is so validating, i'm proud of daniels and everyone involved, i'm proud to have seen every single one of these people grow and finally get their chance to prove themselves. growing up with ke in the goonies, watching through michelle's entire career, and of course following daniels for seven long years — every rejection they have ever faced has lead up to this moment.
it's a movie for the rejects, about the rejects, made by the rejects.

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