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  • Avatar: The Way of Water

    Avatar: The Way of Water


    eat my frickin dick that's gonna be a cinema experience that i'll cherish for the rest of my life. waited the extra week and a half after that initial release to experience this behemoth of a viewing-event with my partner, visiting for the first time in six months. i made sure we got not only the biggest and loudest dolby atmos cinema in all of perth, plus that assured 3D HFR experience that big jim's been cookin up for years,…

  • Raise the Red Lantern

    Raise the Red Lantern


    holy frickin god this one left me totally destroyed. it had me physically reacting to to some of the most tension filled yet simultaneously mundane sequences of all time. working my way through my [imprint] collaborations: the cinema of zhang yimou & gong li blu-ray box set has been a journey unto itself, and i'm only three movies deep. i'm so excited by this filmmaker.

    this is the third film yimou made with gong li as his starring muse, and once…

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  • Detention



    talk about millennialist absurdism.

    through this off-kilter feature; music-video director joseph kahn became the pre-DANIELS cognizant voice of the current generation in a single film. detention feels like a film looking back upon the 2010s, as a teen-parody film on the teen-parody subgenre — yet it was made as early as 2011. kahn's vision presents itself with the aesthetic of a katy perry music video blended with a surrealist post-ironic spin on not another teen movie, and a twinge of…

  • The Quiet Earth

    The Quiet Earth


    totally bizarre new zealand apocalyptic high concept sci-fi film. a man wakes up and finds he's the last man on earth. it has a take on isolation that i haven't quite seen done before — in what you'd imagine could be the obvious approach, but was constantly throwing subversive tonal choices at me. equal parts hopeless and desolate, speculative and humanist. 

    i love leaving a film with a feeling of ambiguity, because i just know there's the possibility i've missed something that i'll find on a rediscovery.

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  • Andor: A Disney+ Day Special Look

    Andor: A Disney+ Day Special Look

    okay since andor isn't on here i watched this 'first-look' special to justify talking about it so far. forgive me.

    finally, a new piece of star wars media that doesn't dangle it's IP at the audience like a set of shiny new keys. instead of being insufferable easter egg & cameo porn, it's actually a strong, thriller story with clear political allegory about police brutality and racial profiling. 
    before disney bought out lucasfilm, star wars has almost always had some sort of…

  • The Twins

    The Twins

    "... to a galaxy far, far away" gave off the same energy as colin trevorrow writing "he lost the star wars."