Scream ★★★½

Daily Horror Hunt - May 2022

Day 11 - A film starring a favourite scream queen

Anyone who caught my gushing review for the original Scream last October will know just how formative that movie was for me as a teenager. As a result, Scream 2022 was a bit of a no brainer for this challenge. Neve Campbell, I’m totally here for you.

Scream 2022 is good fun. It is fast paced, frenetic even. Importantly it strikes a strong balance between new and legacy characters. Dewey, Gail and Sidney are each given enough screen time that their inclusion feels worthwhile and significant, but their presence doesn’t overwhelm the new cast. And this film is ultimately about the young cast, who really come into their own as the drama unfolds.

It has a keen sense of its own world and the wider horror genre as it is at the moment. Conversations about slashers vs ‘elevated’ horror are delivered in a knowing way. Importantly Scream straddles a line whereby it could feel like it is aping the previous films in this franchise. However, it’s savvy enough not to fall into that trap. The writing is smart, funny and relatable, it’s almost like we’ve never been away. Then the final act arrived and it is the very same twisty/turny finale that we come to expect from a Scream movie.

Overall it is a movie that is exciting and gory. What else could I have asked for? Realistically I just didn't want it to suck. But the 2 hours just flew by. It’s safe to say that I'm going to need to see it again before too long. The original Scream gave me a great cultural moment. It opened my mind to an entire world of movies and I never looked back. I’m not sure Scream 2022 will do the same for today's teenagers coming across the franchise for the first time, but I could be wrong. Ultimately it's a blast. I’m intrigued to see in which direction they go for Scream 6. And sentimentality, the spirit of Wes Craven lives on.

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