Inside ★★★★

Christmas 2021

I first saw Inside 5 or 6 years ago when I included it in one of my Horroctober projects. I didn't like it. Perhaps there was just too much in here for my mind to process. I thought of it as a semi-successful meditation on loss, but one that plays too hard on the violence and that the message was lost within the splatter. It is really grim tonally and insanely visceral in terms of the graphic violence it depicts. However it has something else that I alluded to. I just didn't give it enough credit. Inside has an intelligence that was common in the French Extremity movement. There are plot twists that feel earned. However, most notably there is a tragic undertone to the story and the character, without going into the specifics, it gives the violence a heft and a sense of consequence.

The only negative I can think of is that the images of the CGI of the baby inside the womb haven't aged too well and even though those shots seems out of place it didn’t actually take me out of the moment at any point. The mood of the film is such that if you watch it and you invest in it and make the effort, then you're kinda in for the long haul. Much like Martyrs, it's an impossible film to escape when you're in the moment but it stays with you long after the credits roll. Inside is ferocious and unrelenting and just when you think it has given everything it possibly can, you realise there is more. Something more shocking or terrifyingly bleak. There is no safe place…Inside. What a movie.

Up next…. the 1930s romantic comedy, "Holiday" starring Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. I need to cleanse my very soul after this.

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