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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

a few lines uttered by me and my father as we watched this film together:

- “oo a tight 90, can’t go wrong with a tight 90”
- “i can’t think of a worse job”
- “what an obnoxious twat”
-“god that’s chekhov’s nut that is”
- “is that an old fashioned in a fucking martini glass? what the fuck is that”
- “none of these pricks are washing their hands”
- “if i was in this i would deffo be an extra that manages to fuck up my one line”
- “oh god are those the steaks in the back”
- “i think i’d wanna run the bar”
- “its gonna be the dressing”
- “wow they’re actually generating real lamb”
- “oh thats a ripe old dutch angle”
- “fair play this is sensationally done”
- “oh christ”
- “oh jesus”
- “oh god”
- “well i really enjoyed that”