Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★★½

“We have a situation here. Someone left without saying goodbye.”

superb build-up of discomfort and tension, ultimately giving me the ick so bad I was relieved when it was over. it’s that sinking feeling of digging yourself into a deeper and deeper hole while trying to get out of a situation, unsure where the problem lies. already hate that there’s gonna be a US remake of this (a mere couple of years later? again with this shit?) because it will never reach the kind of mounting terror of this specific language barrier where you’re not sure if it’s your country’s customary politeness and individual tics that are clashing with someone else’s or if, actually, there might be something VERY wrong going on in plain sight to cause all that anxiety. an excellent gratewalk between the two towards an inevitable, hard-hitting climax, which I have altogether no desire to see replicated poorly.

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