Nocturne ★★★

“We're both failures, you and me, but at least I have an excuse. You're just mediocre.”

Spooktober 2020: #25

one of the sickest movie posters this year for me. big Black Swan vibe but with its own dynamic of over-the-top teen dramatics and supernatural tendencies sprinkled in. sibling rivalry taken to the edge and the protagonist’s struggle is mirrored by the increasing blur of reality & fiction, which I found so well intertwined with the rest of its prestige high school thriller elements.

some movies tend to go out a bit too funky with occult elements like this but I like the pessimistic adversity to clear interpretation here, and think Zu Quirke visualizes the shifting interiority of Juliet under pressure in a manner that stands apart from BS but tackles the same themes from an almost more provocative angle. Sweeney’s driven performance deserves some praise also.

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