Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

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This review may contain spoilers.

as i'm getting older, and mcu progresses with me, i can be critical of these movies more than i was before

however, any way i look at this movie i can't find a reason why to get seriously mad about unanswered questions the story raised. not when you give me fucking DRAGONS?!??

the movie is really really really REALLY fucking good. strongest origin story since black panther (i'm really sorry carol ily i'm just saying it how it is)

lackluster visuals my ass. someone seriously said that. and i'm sorry, have we seen the same movie? because it was beautiful, nothing outstanding but really leveled up for a comic book movie

the way Shang Chi's first solo movie blends martial arts and magical elements is great and the fight choreography seriously gave me chills many times (that window fight sequence, jesus christ)

humor in this also feels very natural. it doesn't push where it doesn't belong but it's no comedy. i adore simu liu and i think he is wholesomely funny! definitely could've seen part of his natural charm transfer into the character and that is why you will absolutely love shang chi after this movie! awkwafina is a damn sweetheart too and absolute angel. their chemistry on screen is vibrant and i can't wait to see more of katy because she's so damn relatable

plus, if stan lee was alive, i just know he'd drive that bus in the beginning, i just know it

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