Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass ★★★★½

it's been a long time since i binge watched something but this really gripped me hard

if you know me, you know how much i love mike flanagan and his work. i was anticipating this series for a long long time and now the time is finally here. believe the hype as people say, it's really good

at first it seems like your average, maybe slightly boring religious horror but once the gears start turning? boy.....it's a ride!! the story was masterfully written, the characters felt fleshed out and real and the overall atmosphere was graduating with every episode. it might help if you go into this blind - the story will take turn in very interesting way that is quite uncommon for this type of horror storytelling. it's not addressed specifically but it doesn't need to be

mike flanagan once again proved he's very talented and competent storyteller. none of his work ever felt too much or not enough, it always managed to be just the right blend for me to enjoy but this time i really think he hit it out of the field and it will be something people will come back to as a classic in the modern horror

oh and also shout out to kate siegel and hamish linklater for great performances

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