Love Actually

Love Actually ★★★½

∙ Keira Knightley’s wedding dress: still hideous.
∙ Bill Nighy: still absolutely triumphant.
∙ All the self-deprecating jokes coming from cis white men: still homophobic.
∙ Andrew Lincoln's tape and Alan Rickman's secretary: still ordinarily creepy and all too literal.
∙ Hugh Grant: still "the best PM the UK has had in recent memory" (insert Natalia’s signature) and frustratingly not queer.
∙ The US President: still (unsurprisingly) the creepiest.
∙ “Molto bueno”: still half Spanish.
∙ The UK's overblown declaration of war on the US: still uber-Tory, but fun.
∙ Kate & Leo: still reasonable therapy.
∙ Laura Linney's character arch: still depressive and the most realistic.
∙ Rodrigo Santoro: UGH.
∙ Rowan Atkinson's gift-wrapping urges: still aspirational.
∙ Joni Mitchell: still that moment.
∙ Andrew Lincoln's suicidal Christmas message: still THAT moment, true af.
∙ Airports: still hell’s public toilets.
∙ Ending: still the best song ever.

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