M3GAN ★★★


Although a meta-commentary of sorts on over dependence on technology and the reliance that comes along with in an era that feels close to what is being presented here, M3GAN is just as lazy in its messaging as Horror movies tend to do that revolves around a killer doll minus the unnecessary over-the-top blood and scares to keep the PG-13 rating. M3GAN is an alright film that does not require a total focus to keep up with its story except for may be pondering to oneself if "AI is indeed bad?" over a movie that barely scratches the surface of the topic, though was not expecting much insight from the writers that was responsible for Malignant that at least had the freedom to make a movie on mental illness work, perhaps with a mature rating, M3GAN could have been much more than an entertaining comedy-horror in a year that was filled with great movies of its genre.

⭐⭐¾ (5.5/10)
Grade: C+

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